Attention Musicians and Producers

Who Want to Break In to the Exciting World of SCORING!

Even if that feels WAY beyond your ability or reach right now.


  • You would you love to compose music for film, TV or games but you just don't know how to get started.

  • You are doubtful that you have the skills necessary to get your first scoring job.

  • You would love for someone to walk you, step-by-step, through what to do to get hired as a composer.

Hi, I'm Aoife O'Leary, composer, producer, songwriter, singer and founder of PoppyMoth Productions.

I am just about to start scoring my third movie, and both movies I've scored so far have had multi-million dollar budgets and named stars.

I studied ALL the courses and masterclasses from the best composers, but it is only through actually working as a composer that I found out what I didn't know and what I needed to learn fast and on-the-fly.

I also discovered some things that nobody told me about scoring - and that would have opened up this world to me much sooner if I had known them!

All of this inspired me to create a course, Intro to Scoring, so that I can share everything I have learned with you to help you set yourself up to get your very first scoring job.

Full disclosure: I am just ahead of you on this path.

I fully expect that when you complete the Intro to Scoring course, we'll be applying for the same jobs!

And that's perfect, because there is something else I have learned -> there is an absolute abundance of scoring work for the right musicians, producers and composers. Plenty for us all!

My intention is that Intro to Scoring will set you up confidently on your scoring path and have people wanting to hire YOU!

Ready to get started?

... is a comprehensive course to uncover all you need to know to break in to the exciting world of scoring music for media.

There will be additional opportunity for individual and group mentorship with me and with mentors and colleagues of mine who have been in this industry for decades and have major Film, TV and Game credits.

Ready to kick-start your scoring career...?

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